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Waackingclass Testimonial - Elvia (Spain)

Waackingclass Testimonial - Elvia (Spain)

Testimonial video translation: Hi! My name is Elvia and I’m a Spanish dancer. I’m glad to announce that I’ll be the Spanish ambassador of the Waacking Class program by Princess Lockerooo who is one of the best international dancers, for me and for a lot of people! When she proposed to me the idea I didn’t have to think about it. It was yes! The first time I went to NY and I met her and I took her classes something inside of me changed like a switch turned on! Doing her training helped me to believe in myself, helped me to develop my own dance and bring out the diva that was hidden inside of me. I live in a small city in Galicia called Ourense where I share my knowledge, as a teacher of Waacking and other street styles. For me, the Waacking Class is the perfect motivation to keep training like I used to do in NY with Princess Lockerooo. I lived with her and having the opportunity to know her professional and personally gave me wings to work hard inspired by her and dedicate my days to make bigger this culture in a healthy and conscious way, so we won’t forget important things about Waacking like the technique, the music, the drama, the history or the culture that surrounds it. I love to know all that and also taking it into account that I live in a different time in a different country so I have to show that through my personality and my dance! So, if u have doubts, u need advice and for a personal follow you'll have a close group on Facebook where Princess Lockerooo could answer your questions. Don’t hesitate to join Waacking Class!
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